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Algeria is vaccinated for the games

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the most effective weapons are vaccines. Algeria like many other countries in the world organized its vaccination campaign. The results were quickly noticed, encouraging the competent authorities to put all the necessary measures in order to quickly arrive at encouraging rates to approach collective immunity.

Indeed, a production unit was very quickly set up in order to produce doses of vaccines in significant quantities while continuing to receive those ordered from our foreign partners in order to cover all national needs. The public pharmaceutical group Saidal, responsible for this manufacture, ensures that its production capacities will continue to grow until reaching 8 million doses per month.

Multiple awareness campaigns are also set up to mobilize Algerians and encourage recalcitrant people to be vaccinated to fight together against this global health crisis. The classic health protocols consisting of wearing a mask, disinfecting the hands and various barrier gestures are constantly recalled through the various official public and private communication channels.

New anti-covid19 provisions are being considered in order to be deployed for the smooth running of the Mediterranean Games. The organizers and the competent authorities will spare no effort for the safety of participants, visitors and the success of the Oran 2022 edition.