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Dance cast for the opening and closing ceremony.

To foster the emergence of young local artists, dancers and acrobats in an internationally renowned show such as the Mediterranean Games Oran 2022 The OCMG’s opening, closing ceremony and cultural activities commission organized a casting on April 27, 28 and 29th at the Maoued Ahmed Youth Centre (Mirauchaux) for the opening and closing ceremonies of the event.

More than 500 candidates from all over the country responded to the call launched on April 20th through traditional media and social networks, n front of an international jury composed of Mr. Philippe Cieutat, stage director, Ms. Malika Zaïdi, choreographer, Mr. Farid Haouche, choreographer representing the ONCI, as well as representatives of the Novelty Group, the leading eventprovider renowned for its 35 years of experience with the M6 Group..

The Young volunteers went to great lengths to offer a variety of performances between classical dance, contemporary dance, hip-hop, pop, Brazilian capoeira, gymnastics, traditional dance and theatre. The jury members had the opportunity to live unique and emotional moments in the theme of Oran.

In the end, 380 candidates were selected and divided into three categories: professional dancers, amateur dancers and additional actors, they will be called up soon to an artistic stay to be held in Oran at the end of this month with internationally renowned choreographers and dancers. Another casting session will also be held during this cycle, and more information will be delivered soon.