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Equestrian Sports: OCMGO Update

Having read the press releases from the equestrian sports federations of Spain and France commenting on their decisions not to participate in the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games Oran 2022, the OCMGO vigorously denounces the false and slanderous justifications put forward by their editors.

While it is clear that the decision to participate or not in a sporting event is the free choice of the federations and / or NOCs, we cannot accept the responsibility for their inability to organise their trip as usual and planned by all the rules of competitions of an Olympic nature.

The Organising Committee of the Oran Games, for the first time in the history of the Mediterranean Games, has undertaken, with the support of government authorities, to ensure, at the expense of the Algerian State, the transport of horses and accompanying persons by Car-Ferry of the National Pavilion from the European ports closest to the city of Oran.

In addition, the OCMGO, again with the support of the government, reassured the participating NOCs of the lifting of the restrictive sanitary provisions by committing to allow the horses to immediately return to their accommodation boxes upon their arrival at the port of Oran.

he OCMGO remains available to assist all NOCs and sports federations involved in the Mediterranean Games, willing to promote the spirit of peace, friendship, excellence, open-mindedness and unity among the countries of the Mediterranean basin, as defined in the ICMG Charter.

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