Welcome to the official website of the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games

Games are expensive

All major events have a cost. Sports events are no exception. They can cost millions or even billions of dollars. It is a question of colossal investments made by the organizing countries which establish plans of loads over several years.

Clear requirements

In-depth studies are carried out for each project before a country or a city is awarded an Olympic competition. The organizing committees receive applications that they examine in detail, weighing the quality of the candidates’ infrastructures and, above all, their investment projects.

There is a whole sporting, economic, tourist and urban logic to be developed before the sole ambition of prestige of being the organizer of a world event. The training process for athletes must be intensified and the businesses and activities involved in the competition must be upgraded. New cities have been created or transformed to meet the heavy demands of such events, like the city of Saint Denis for Paris 2024, which has gone from being an underprivileged suburb to a chic new business district in the making.

The Barcelona model

It is interesting to recall that all the Olympiads of this last half-century were abysses and financial failures for the organizing cities with the exception of the Games of Barcelona 1992 which took advantage of it to revitalize the Catalan capital and to make a real metropolis of it.

It is essential to take into account these elements and to capitalize on the organization of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 following the example of the Spanish city. Oran needs important investments to accompany the new Algeria in the radiance it deserves before heading for other international challenges.