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Handball: Olympic level at the 2022 MG in Oran

It is historical! The majority of the countries participating in the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 have decided to align their first teams. Spain, Portugal, North Macedonia, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria have all set the gold medal in handball as their main objective.

Let’s go to Arzew

Keep up with the program of the small ball thanks to the site oran2022.dz and do not hesitate to move to the sports hall of Arzew to support the participating national teams. Algeria will play its first match today against Turkey at 5:00 pm.

The MG in full mutation

hese leaders of world handball are proof that the quality of the game will be at the rendezvous but especially that this international event is becoming more and more important. The level of sport is constantly increasing to reach the level of the Olympic Games. There is no doubt that the new president of the ICMG, Mr. Davide Tizzano has a plan to transform the Mediterranean Games into an unmissable event and history will remember Oran 2022 as its starting point.

After a magnificent opening ceremony, it is time for the sports entertainment and especially for the medals. Good luck to all athletes.