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Huawei Partner of the MGO 2022

Huawei, one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructures for information, communication technologies and smart devices, Huawei, signed this June 09 a partnership contract with the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Games.

In this context, Philippe Wong Executive Vice President of Huawei North Africa, undertakes to make available to the OCMG a set of products from his field of activity, which cover part of the event’s logistics.

This new agreement between the OCMG and Huawei, which is part of the preparations for the MGO, marks a common desire to provide support for the success of this event.

Mr. Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, Commissioner and President of MGO, expressed his satisfaction to be able to associate the MGO with a partner that is immersed in the development of the country’s economic industry. Indeed, Huawei has existed in Algeria for more than 20 years and is constantly making its mark in the field of technology.