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JM-100 The event, the long-awaited event

Paris 2024 has started its countdown to D – 1000. What about Oran 2022, which has just crossed the 200-day mark?

Some high schools and high school students like to have fun 100 days before the bac. It is an opportunity to de-stress and forget the pressure of this famous final school test which makes more than one tremble. In the program; lots of nonsense, laughter and fun before speeding up the review program one last time.

In the same spirit and in preparation for the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022, the event 100 days before the games or JM – 100 will be organized. This is a great way to take stock of all the work done in order to thank the employees and the relevant authorities and to prepare for the home stretch.

On the one hand there will be a conference debate on the situation of sport in Algeria, and on the other a mini marathon open to the public will be offered to the bravest. A meeting with the athletes and an introduction to sports are also planned to delight the youngest.

200 days before the event, the organizing committee of the Mediterranean games receives an international delegation made up of members of the NOCs and the ICMG for an inventory of the work accomplished.

200 days before the event, we are already looking ahead to the “JM – 100” and especially to the start of the competition. Every day is numbered but we are counting the days and we can not wait to live this exceptional and unique adventure for Algeria and the city of Oran