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July 5: Closure and independence

Algeria is a big country. Its glorious history will have traveled the world for obvious reasons. The country of a million and a half martyrs will have suffered and paid the price of blood to obtain its independence after years of bitter struggle and an unwavering conviction in the justice of our fight.

Every July 5 is a synonym of celebration for Algerians who celebrate the liberation of their country won after enormous sacrifices. July 5, 2022 will mark the celebration of the 60th anniversary of independence, and 60 years should be celebrated!

As luck would have it, the Mediterranean Games in Oran were postponed by one year to take place in 2022 with a closing ceremony which will coincide with the national independence day. What better way to celebrate our freedom than to share our joy and our emotions with our Mediterranean friends and neighbors?

July 5, 2022 promises to be an unforgettable closing ceremony and national anniversary. A great opportunity to write a new page of history, brotherhood and friendship between the Mediterranean countries and Algeria.