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Karate: Algeria hits hard

The big surprise that allowed Algeria to take the lead in the medal’s ranking until today is the exceptional performance of our karate fighters.

Cylia Ouikene, Louisa Abouriche, Chaima Midi, Oussama Zaid, Hocine Daikhi and Aala Salmi are part of the champions of these Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 that made a whole nation proud.

Oran outperforms Tarragona

After the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona with the coronation of Hocine Daikhi and the bronze medal of Bouaboub Walid, we knew that Karate was a discipline on which we could count to hope to see the Algerian flag rise high, but getting six medals exceeds by far all our predictions. These results are all the more satisfying as Algerian athletes have positioned themselves on the highest steps of the podiums alongside Olympic champions (Luigi Busa, Feryel Abdelaziz) and world champions (Angelo Kvesitc, Youcef Badawi, Mohamed Mahmoud Taha).

The best is yet to come !

Whether it is for the continuation of the Games in other disciplines or for our six prodigies, we are convinced that the best is yet to come. This 19th edition of the Games Oran 2022 has the merit of revealing to the general public, the Algerian sporting potential that we must support for the next international events.

Our medallists :

Cylia Ouikene -50 kg Gold

Louisa Abouriche -55 kg Gold

Chaima Midi -61 kg Gold

Oussama Zaid -75 kg Gold

Hocine Daikhi +84 kg Silver (Gold in Tarragona 2018)

Aala Salmi -60 kg Silver