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Launch of the first training session for stewards

The first session relating to the training of stewards who will be mobilized for the next Mediterranean Games took place at the level of the national center for ONFS sports training (ex. CREPS) located in the town of Ain El Turck in Oran this Sunday, December 19 .

This operation, crowned with great success, began with a word of welcome from Prof. Aoussine Seddiki, President of the Training and Volunteering Commission, on behalf of the President Games Commissioner Mr. Mohamed Aziz Derouaz.

The national authorities also took part in the event through the presence of the Wali of Oran, Mr Saïd Saayoud who underlined the importance of the Mediterranean Games for his city and for all of Algeria as well as their impact on the whole. socioeconomic and cultural sectors.

Indeed, it is important to remember that an international event of this magnitude does not revolve only around sport. It is synonymous with a catalyst for the economic and cultural activities essential to the growing needs of the population and tourists, local and foreign. Mr le Wali also congratulated the OCMG team following the approval and confirmation by the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games of the holding of Oran 2022.

Educational materials have been developed and made available to volunteers. In accordance with the program of this training session for stewards, the following three subjects were presented by the OCMG:

  • Geographical and cultural presentation of Oran
  • Volunteering and the Olympic Values
  • Historical presentation of the Mediterranean Games

You can view and download each of the courses listed, directly via our previous article Oran 2022, training begins (Focus Stadiers)

Beyond the courses and training, a rich and interesting debate ensued with all the volunteers and participants present at the event who expressed their availability and their determination for the success of the Oran Games 2022.