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Mohammed Aziz Derouaz Hosts a Press Conference for Local Media

A press conference was hosted this Wednesday, June 22 by the Commissioner and President of the Mediterranean Games Mr Mohamed Aziz Derouaz at the headquarters of the newspaper El Djoumhouria. The conference covered many topics including the arrival of delegations, ticketing, accreditation and the International Press Centre.

The Commissioner announced that the arrival of the delegations is considered as the first successful mission of the OCMG, because indeed 1200 athletes arrived in a single day and were transferred to their homes including the “AZ hotel” in Mostaganem, the “Les Andalouses” tourist complex and the Mediterranean Village.

With regard to accreditations, Mr. Derouaz mentioned that the international press was given priority since accreditations represented an essential element for obtaining visas, local journalists as for them will be put in second position and OCMG staff in last.

Finally, he thanked the “Centre Internationale de Presse CIP” for the Press Centre set up at the “Le Méridien Hotel” and recently inaugurated by the Minister of Communication Mr Bouslimani Mohamed.