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Oran 2022, the most logical choice

It is enough to know a little the city of Oran and its inhabitants to wonder why this competition did not take place there before.

The hospitality and kindness of the citizens combined with their festive nature will make these games one of the most memorable events for all participants and visitors from around the world.

Don’t you know this city? Discover our special rubric Oran for all that it learns on the radiant one.

The most important event in the Mediterranean basin this summer!

Its organizers, the OCMG want to make it a major turning point for all future editions.
The quality of the works, the sporting level, the beauty of the spectacle and the media coverage of the event will be the keys to the success of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022. It is about giving new life to a competition which is dear to us and which unites peoples so different and yet so close, so opposed and yet so complementary.

The success of Oran 2022 is crucial for Algeria.

All human and material resources are in place so that Orans and their guests celebrate the Mediterranean and sport together in joy and good humor.

The projects are soon coming to an end and will give way to unparalleled “teasing”.

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