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Oran 2022, training begins (Focus Stadiers)

Each important meeting has its requirements and Oran 2022 needs the best staff for the smooth running of the competition. Volunteers, guides, stewards … all these teams must be efficient and operational on D-Day.

The training of human resources is a key element for the success of these next games. For this, the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 is organizing the first session relating to the training of stewards at the level of the national center for sports training ONFS (ex. CREPS) located in the town of Ain El Turck in Oran this Sunday, December 19.



Professor Aoussine Seddiki

Oran 2022 are the games of all Algeria. 160 stewards coming from no less than 16 Wilayas of the country will be supervised and trained during this first meeting. Needless to say that all cities and regions must be mobilized for the success of this great international event.

This event, also duplicated at the level of Algiers, Constantine, Annaba, Tamanrasset and Ouragla, aims to train a total of 580 stewards at the national level representing 10 volunteers per Wilaya. Professor Aoussine Seddiki, president of the Training and Volunteering Commission does not skimp on any means to ensure that the OCMG has the most competent teams. Several other training sessions from various sectors will soon be scheduled.

The 2022 Mediterranean Games are fast approaching, stay informed and embark on the adventure.

The courses of the 1st session of September 19, 2021 are available for download below.

التطوع والقيم الأولمبية

1 التطوع والقيم الأولمبيةمصحح Download

جغرافيا وثقافة مدينة وهران

2 جغرافيا وثقافة مدينة وهران (مصحح Download

نبذة تاريخية حول ألعاب البحر الأبيض المتوسط

3 نبذة تاريخية حول ألعاب البحر الأبيض المتوسط (1) مصحح Download

المنشآت الرياضية المسخرة لإحتضان الألعاب

مصحح 4 المنشآت الرياضية المسخرة لإحتضان الألعاب Download

مفاهيم حول التظاهرة الرياضية

مفاهيم حول التظاهرة الرياضيةمصحح Download