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Oran, host city of the 19th Mediterranean Games

« Wahran », « El Bahia », « The Two Lions ». many names to designate the second capital of Algeria and the future capital of Mediterranean sports. A city nestled between the traditions of rich history and keeping pace with modernity.

Reached from the north, Fort Santa Cruz and the statue atop Notre Dame Chapel extend their arms to you as a welcoming sign.

Oran, in the Algerian imagination, strengthens this anchored idea that Wahran is a city of well-being provided by la Grande Bleue that runs along its entire seafront. This metropolis wants to be resolutely turned towards modernity through its very contemporary urban architecture but does not forget its thousand-year-old roots.

Andalusian Oran, Spanish Oran, Ottoman and European Oran. Finally, Algerian Oran, Algeria. Memory of a nation. All this to say that this city has a long history that makes up the authenticity of the Mediterranean. Because of this deep cultural mix, and like the major cities in North Africa, Oran is a multilingual regional area where Arabic, French, Spanish and even Berber languages blend harmoniously. The genius of the people even created the language of the street (Darija), in which we find all the languages mentioned above.

Culturally, Oran is the cradle of what is known worldwide: Raï music, but not only. Oran is also the lair of Malhoune, a music where poetic texts touch the senses. A popular song inseparable from Oran musical memory. Oran is also theatre, praised to the skies by the late Alloula.

Culinarily, the famous Calientica ou Karantika is undeniable, originally a favorite of penniless people and appreciated by many Oran residents.

It is thus, thanks to its beauty and its magic, that on August 27, 2015, in Pescara in Italy, the Radiant knew how to seduce the members of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, by largely winning the vote designating the organizing city of the 19thedition of the Mediterranean Games, with 51 votes obtained, against its Tunisian competitor, Sfax.