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Partnership Agreement between the OCMG Oran 2022 and Condor

Within the framework of the program of the OCMG relating to the organization of the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games Oran 2022. A signature of partnership took place this Sunday, June 19, 2022 under the roof of the Royal Hotel between the OCMG and the Algerian company CONDOR.

Mr. Mohamed Aziz Derouaz thanked the representative of the company Mohamed Salah Daas deputy general manager for his contribution to the success of the event.

Created in 2002, the subsidiary of the Hammadi group with specializations in local electronic products and household appliances has conquered more than 35% of the Algerian market ten years later.

In addition to marketing its various products in Algeria, where the company is the leader with 35% of the household appliance market and 55% of the mobile. The partner undertakes exceptionally to provide and ensure the air conditioning of all the competition sites for the duration of the event.