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Portrait of the athlete Hathat Yassine

Hathat Yassine, 31 years old, is a young Algerian athlete specialized in middle distance running; running event in athletics which is characterized by the distance covered: less than that of a marathon or races also known as long distance, and greater than that of a sprint race.

Having participated in several international competitions including the World championships in 2019, the African championship in 2018 and the Islamic Solidarity Games in 2013.

JM 2018 – 800m

The Mediterranean games will not be a first for him, because indeed, he has already been ranked 4th in his two participations in the MG of Mersin in 2013 and Tarragona in 2018.

It should be noted that the athlete has already qualified for the Olympic Games in Rio and Tokyo.

A rich enough record of achievements that validates his place to compete in his third Mediterranean Games, but this time at home, in Algeria on June 25 where he intends to seize his chance!