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Portrait of the athlete Saoussen Boudiaf

Saoussen Boudiaf is a 29 year old French-Algerian fencer, holder of several European and world titles. Her career includes many titles and those starting from 2012 when she won her first French championships in the junior category and then the 3rd place at the World Junior Championships the same year.

Later in 2013, she won first place at the European individual championships and second place at the French team championships in 2014. Saouassen continued her journey to finish second at the French Junior Championships two years later.

The athlete decided to take a break after her participation in the 2016 Rio Olympics, only to return three years later following an offer from the Algerian fencing federation to join the Algerian national fencing team.

She will therefore represent the Algerian national fencing team on June 25 at the Mediterranean Games Oran 2022.