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Press conference by the president of the commission opening and closing ceremony Salim Dada

In conjunction with the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games in Oran, the Cultural Committee is organising a press conference chaired by the musician and the president of the Cultural Committee, Mr. Salim Dada, attended by writers invited to the literary residency supervised by the novelist Samir Kacimi as they represent a number of Mediterranean countries. In their selection, the province guarded their literary resonance at the international and Mediterranean levels and their active role in the fields of writing, translation, publishing and major cultural events. Similar to Chokri Mabkhout, Amin Zaoui, Ziad Abdullah Rabia Djelti, Tarek Emam, Bachir Mefti, Khaled ben Saleh, Khaled Seileman Al-Nasiri, Mustafa Hafid, Ilyas Hamcho, Ahmed Majdi Hammam, with titles and attributes preserved.

This literary residency is considered the first of its kind, Arab and Mediterranean, as it aims to write an impressionistic literary work on the city of Oran, a joint book written by professional hands from those who attended the residency and also writers from the Mediterranean northern bank who could not attend because of their agenda, and the representatives of the countries: France, Spain, Italy, Türkiye and others.

For reference, the committee intends to publish this book in two Algerian and Arabic editions in the original languages of the authors, with its translation into Arabic, provided that the translation is undertaken by literary translators holding international recognition.

The Cultural Commission of the Organising Committee seeks through this joint publication, to devote a new literary tradition represented in the literary history of Algerian cities, in the hope that the Oran Literary Residency will be the first seed for this type of project, which is the first of its kind as we mentioned.

To present this project, the Organising Cultural Committee is pleased to invite you to a press conference attended by all the guests of the residence and its supervisors to introduce this important literary event at four o’clock in the afternoon at the regional theatre Abdelkader Alloula in Oran.