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Sport and the elderly

Sedentary lifestyle has devastating effects on human health in general. Doctors and specialists constantly encourage us to practice physical activities, especially after a certain age. It is essential to be aware of the physiological changes we are experiencing in order to better appreciate the benefits of sport and how it helps us age well.

Towards a smoother transition

Over time, the muscle mass of seniors is divided by two. They lose strength and their bone density decreases with a loss of balance that makes the body’s joints more fragile. Sporting activities do not prevent aging but facilitate a smoother transition and the maintenance of good motor skills. Regular practice of sports allows reinforcement or a preservation of the muscles with a proper overall coordination. The risk of falling decreases while maintaining a certain autonomy of movement for many years. Overweight and obesity as well as cholesterol are also part of the seniors’ health problems that can be solved by sport.

Sport is a memory booster

Beyond the muscular aspect, regular physical activity stimulates the production of a nutrient protein (BDNF) that promotes the growth and survival of neurons and memory performance. Stress reduction is another benefit of sport thanks to the endorphin produced following the effort.

During this period of preparation for the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022, it is important to make you realize that it is never too late to start a sporting activity and enjoy its many benefits: fight against cellular aging and cardiovascular diseases, strengthen immune defenses and maintain a good spirit and mental stability …