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Sport as the key to success

Suburbs and working-class neighborhoods are not known for the chances of success that young citizens have a right to expect. Opportunities are not widespread and their inhabitants often suffer from social segregation. Music and sports are unfortunately the few economic springboards in which these young people still believe.

The ingredients for success

While not everyone can become a singer or a professional athlete as this is an opportunity reserved for a small elite, after-school activities in general are great resources for positive youth development. Sports in particular enable remarkable physical and mental development.

Individual or team sports are a unique blend of human values. It teaches team spirit, tolerance and self-control. Numerous programs to encourage children from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in sports aim to teach them to surpass themselves, to fight and to develop a “winning culture”.

The example of Kebab Saber

The practice of sports allows a positive state of mind towards life opportunities. Kebab Saber, the former powerlifting champion is well aware of this and has relied on this strategy in order to fight against the increase of drug consumption in his native neighborhood of central Algiers. He has converted an abandoned lot used as a squat for drug dealers and their clients into a gym where he coaches and trains motivated teenagers and young adults.

If the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 could encourage more Algerians to prefer stadiums and sports halls by leaving the street and its misfortunes, it would be a first gold medal for Algeria, and not the least.

Through the organization of this major international event, it is the entire Algerian Sport Policy that will certainly be re-evaluated to meet the objectives of the new Algeria.

Several other articles relating the “success stories” of Mediterranean athletes or personalities who have made it through sport and who are models for us all will be shared so that we can be inspired.