Welcome to the official website of the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games

The city of Oran is getting a makeover!

The great metropolis of western Algeria has benefited from numerous investments. In a few years “El Bahia” has seen a metamorphosis. Between the rehabilitation of the seafront, the commissioning of a tram line, the new Mohamed Benahmed convention center and many other large-scale achievements, Oran asserts itself as one of the most pleasant cities and important areas of the Mediterranean rim.

The list can be long if we have fun listing all the recent constructions and developments in the city and its surroundings and it is not its inhabitants who will complain. All these projects have enabled “la radieuse” to become the host city for the next Mediterranean Games in 2022.

What’s new in Oran?

Who is not eager to travel to the new Ahmed Ben Bella airport?

Or to attend the most beautiful sporting events in the Olympic complex entirely built for the Mediterranean Games?

The most prestigious international competition in the region is coming to us and it has accelerated the Oran transformation, but it is important to stress that the city was already on a positive dynamic and continuous redevelopment. To meet the aspirations of its citizens, it will be necessary to maintain this rhythm after the games in order to include Oran in new perspectives and to respond to its Mediterranean ambitions.