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The Final Number of Athletes Participating in the MGO

The final number of athletes has just been confirmed by the OCMG Sports Activities Commission. In total, 3390 participants from 26 Mediterranean countries will take part in this international event.

Europe will be represented by 18 countries with a number of athletes that exceeds half of the total figure including Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania and Monaco. 

Then, Africa participates with 636 athletes from five countries, Algeria with 324 athletes, Tunisia with 175 players as well as Morocco with 137 participants, 14 for Libya and 191 for Egypt.

As for Asia, it will be represented by 388 athletes from three countries, including 26 from the Syrian Arab Republic, 324 from Turkey and 38 from Lebanon. 

Thus, Oran will host a total of 5156 staff included. Thus, Oran will host a total of 5156 staff included. We will give you then, starting from June 25th, a sporty and festive atmosphere full of adrenaline!