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The impact of sport in the company

The values of sport are universal. Whether for competition or leisure, sport transcends the differences between participants to leave only what unites them. Corporate sports can be an excellent way to create links between employees and develop a team spirit worthy of the big sport teams.

From cohesion to competition

Team building activities organized to improve group cohesion are more and more practiced in companies of all sizes. The sports versions of the activities are popular to stimulate competitiveness and solidarity between participants.

Beyond the “fun” and casual dimension of sports between office colleagues, corporate leagues and championships are created to ensure that the practice of physical activity is not a one-off.

Health, still and always connected to sport

In addition to defending the colors of their respective companies, the members of corporate competitions maintain good health thanks to a regular practice of sports recommended by doctors.

The sedentarization of Man and the Covid-19 pandemic that has seen the advent of work at home are serious threats to the mental and physical health of citizens. Companies must encourage and put in place all possible means to encourage their employees to engage in the pleasures of sport.

Oran 2022 has the ambition to motivate a maximum of Mediterranean people to initiate or resume sports activities through several actions to come. Follow us and let’s take advantage of our exceptional climate to do sports everywhere, all year long.