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The lesson of Sofiane Loukar

As tragic as it may be, it is essential that the death of the MC Saïda footballer, Sofiane Loukar, serves as a lesson to us all. Dr. Messaoud Nasser Kamel, president of the Algerian Association of Sports Medicine gave his analysis as a health professional on the circumstances of the young athlete’s death in an interview published in the daily newspaper “Liberté“.

“Loukar should not have resumed the game”

Cautious in his words, Dr. Messaoud states that the footballer should never have returned to the field after the violent shock he suffered. He also mentions the very clear FIFA guidelines on this subject : after a collision, “a player should not return immediately to the competition” and total rest should be preferred.

Neither this article, nor the statements of the president of the Algerian association of Sports Medicine are intended to attack any person or organization. It is essential to remember this lesson sadly taught and never again repeat these unaffordable mistakes.

Oran 2022 is not taking any risk

Within the framework of the organization of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022, all the necessary measures are taken so that the professional and medical supervision of all the athletes is optimal. he president commissioner of OCMG, Mr. Mohamed Aziz Derouaz has repeatedly insisted on the obligation and training of a competent medical emergency staff. From stretcher-bearers to doctors and civil protection officers, all competition sites must be covered and taken care of with the necessary teams and equipment.

Let’s pay tribute to this young footballer who left too soon. ALLAH Yarham Sofiane Loukar. ALLAH Yarham Sofiane Loukar.