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The Mediterranean Village

The Village is the most important element in the organization of a sports event such as the Mediterranean Games. During the period of the Games, the Mediterranean Village will be the place for all participants, athletes and team officials.

For this purpose, the city of Oran has offered itself a village with an area of 39 hectares with a capacity of 4266 beds. All the amenities are provided to offer to the residents a stay of the most comfortable.

The Mediterranean Village is located east of the city of Oran, 20km from the international airport, 10km from the railway station, and 2.5km from the Oran Olympic Complex, the main competition site.

It is divided into 3 main areas;

A residential area, reserved for the athletes and their accompanying people, it includes the residents’ rooms, the restaurants, the training sites, a polyclinic, relaxation areas etc…

An international zone, corresponding to a transit zone, separates the main access from the residential area. It includes the reception centre, the transportation area, a post office, a bank etc…

Et la zone des volontaires, comme son nom l’indique, elle comprend les chambres des volontaires des JM, les restaurants et les lieux de détente.

And the volunteers’ area, as its name indicates, it includes the MG volunteers’ rooms, the restaurants and the places of relaxation.

To ensure the training of the athletes, the MV has 3 stadiums as well as 5 sports halls There are 4 recreation areas, and there is also a theatre, the “Athens Theatre”.

Oran is ready to welcome its guests by offering them a pleasant stay at the height of expectations, next summer, in 2022.

El Bahia Wahrane (Oran) awaits you!