Welcome to the official website of the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games

The opening ceremony will be a historic event

All major international sporting events are characterized by moments of stress and joy, tension and celebration. It is often an emotional roller coaster ride as we are so immersed in the heart of the event, determined to support our team or our favorite athletes. A particular state of mind specific to these competitions which condition us for these thrills and what better way to prepare us than an opening ceremony.

These opening shows are wonderful and awe-inspiring, competing in ingenuity and creativity. Real artistic performances totally scripted to give us a magical moment where we can dream and escape after witnessing a magnificent parade of nations produced by our beautiful athletic ambassadors.

The Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 are no exception!

The spectators will have the right to a show of the most elaborate by our Algerian talents. The theme and the proposed program remain secret for the moment, but it seems that the teams in charge have opted for a historical axis with a focus on Algeria. Something to delight our demanding public but always fond of culture and history.

While waiting to know more about our next show, it is always interesting to consult the unfolding of the opening ceremonies of the previous editions so that we can get an idea of what awaits us.