Welcome to the official website of the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games

Volunteering at the heart of sport

Sport is a unifying force full of universal human values. The dynamics and functioning of sport are at the origin of its positive evolution. Volunteering is the driving engine of sport through the associative movement and the millions of people who work every day for its development. In France alone, there are no less than 175,000 sports associations with more than 3 million volunteers who give their time every week.

The leaders of the associations are generally the first volunteers, those who invest themselves the most on a daily basis. But sports volunteering is not limited to management, who work almost full-time from an office. A majority of volunteers form the operational, field volunteers, who are solicited more punctually.

The example of the Olympic Games

All international competitions require the support of qualified volunteers. Whether it is the Olympic Games or the Mediterranean Games, these events all have their share of volunteers who are mobilized months or even years in advance to ensure the smooth running of the events.

These unique large-scale operations are very popular with citizens of all ages. A volunteer of 80 years, engaged in the supervision of the delegations for the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000 had told the Algerian athletes that he waited for this opportunity for 44 years. Although his application as a volunteer at the 1956 Melbourne Games was not accepted, he remained motivated and patient until his dream came true.

The ambassadors of the Games

Oran 2022 is no exception. The Games are being prepared with several teams of volunteers trained and supervised by the Training and Volunteering Commission. Several sessions are on the agenda, so don’t hesitate to get involved and embark on the most anticipated Mediterranean adventure of the year. As ambassadors of the event and of Algeria, you will have a front row seat and will experience the event like no other